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Welcome to become a member user of Chenfei Blog, join the paid membership to get more value-add service support of Chenfei Blog. Of course, you can also click below to purchase an independent license separately purchase the pro version with unlimit personal websites The Backstory of Rank Math Rank Math is an Indian company with 25 core members currently. Before that, however, many of these founders were well-known bloggers who focus on writing in the field of WordPress theme development. Installation and setup wizards can also help you set up basic settings, social profiles, and other website features.

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Them one by one here. It is still recommend to install a free version of Rank Math to experience it first. If you recognize the value of Rank Math’s powerful functions, you may wish to upgrade to the $59/year Pro paid version to unlock more useful functions. Of course, don’t forget that if you are a blog member of Chenfei , you can obtain the legal authorization of the Business VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists version provid by Chenfei for free. Is there a Chinese version of Rank Math? Rank Math does not have a Chinese version, and website owners are strongly advis not to search and download the so-call Chinese version on Baidu, which is a high-risk operation.

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Rank Math is a product develop for Google

Downloading and installing the so-calle cracke version is tantamount to “seeking a dead end”, so don’t take it too seriously. According to the latest research release by researchers from the network security company Prevailion recently, WP-VCD criminal gangs have carri out hacking attacks by integrating anti-blocking scripts in their malware, Trojaniz WordPress spreads malware EC Lists through advertisements, and has already Compromis over 20,000 web servers. It is understood that the infect servers are locat all over the world, and more than one-fifth of the infect entities are small and mium-siz enterprises.

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