For example you saw a very beautiful flash

It became possible not only to manage textual material, but also to place photos, animation and other graphic elements, it the structure, menu, design, process messages and comments, and much more. However, in order to make significant changes to the site, knowlge of the code and layout skills are still requir. He first of all thinks about the internal mechanisms of the site, its “Engine” and structure. Sait-6it turns out that the conversation between the customer and the contractor is conduct in different languages ​​and sometimes comes to curiosities. So, for example, customers indicate in the tor the distance between the elements in millimeters.

It’s not even about the fact that screen size is

Measur in pixels, but about the fact that in the era of adaptive design, a picture and composition cannot be static at all. The view on the screen changes depending on the size of the browser window, not to mention different types of devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.). The developer Armenia Email List looks at your picture and tries to figure out how and by what means to bring it to life. If a person is not lazy, experienc, if he has an internal motivation to do well, then he will ask questions and try to find out what is important to you and why.  animation on some website and want to do the same. And this will make the site heavier, complicate its loading.

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A good specialist should warn you about

This, but he may not warn you, but, on the contrary, will support and take more money for a “feature” that will not only not increase traffic, but also scare away the last customers who will not wait until the end of the download. And if you have at least basic ideas about the subject, then you EC Lists yourself will be able to understand what is worth paying for and what is not.In addition, this is a great occasion to launch word of mouth, because they will not only help you, but also brag to all their friends and acquaintances. Especially if you implement someone’s its author about it.

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