Rely on the opinion of one person but rather analyze

Moreover, all options are given so clearly that even instructions are not ne. Roughly speaking, if you are able to master word, then you will be able to understand the designer. It would seem that that’s all, now everyone can make a website, why look for something else? But. There is always some “But”. Sait5the first drawback: you won’t be able to leave this service if you suddenly want to change cms or hosting , because you can’t export the site (although there are exceptions, for example, the tilda constructor). You will have to transfer the content manually piece by piece, etc. This is inconvenient.

The second drawback at a free rate, you

Will get quite a bit of disk space , an ugly second-level domain, and ads for the service will be spinning on the site. And paid rates are not always profitable. The third drawback: most of these services are foreign , and, as it turn out recently, in some russian regions there are problems with downloading. Developers of popular free cms are also trying to make them as accessible as possible. So Argentina Email List relatively recently, a plugin for wordpress appear call page builder, which allows you to work in the interface according to the same drag-and-drop principle. This innovation once again brought wordpress to the top in popularity.

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What should a customer know to select a site

To answer the question of which cms to choose for the site, your task as a customer is to understand the problem at least minimally, to become a qualifi consumer . If you go to the store to buy, for example, a washing machine, then most likely you will first read about the model, compare the characteristics, look for the best price. And only then buy. When choosing an engine for a site, you should EC Lists also not the situation, find out more before making the final choice. When writing a technical task for a contractor, you will start from the picture, or rather from the design of the main page. The programmer thinks differently.

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