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Technically it can be done like this: 1. Try to get feback from each client. If he is not ready to give feback in writing, it does not matter, ask him a series of questions and record his answers on a tape recorder. Then listen carefully and find the clues that l this client to you. Leads are the words and phrases of the client that you can then use in your advertising and promotion. Key questions for feback: why did you decide to buy this service/product? What criteria were us to search for a performer/seller? Why did they contact me? What doubts did you have before starting work? Relationship to work done.

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Remember most about your work? To whom are you ready to recommend contacting me? 2.​ if customers come to you, hang a suggestion board at the exit. Mark_off7 place color stickers and pens side by side and ask customers to leave their impressions. You can put a book for notes Aruba Email List instead of a board, but it should be beautifully and interestingly design. Another option is to put a clos box and put a stack of paper next to it. For those clients who are not ready to express their opinion publicly. Regardless of the express their opinion at the top. Honest opinion.

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What to do with all this. Both sellers and buyers ne to be remind and talk about this constantly. If you do it once, there will be no result. 3. Write your phone number in a prominent place so that any dissatisfi customer can call you right away. Even if customers do not call, the owner’s free phone is a great incentive for staff. 4. Arrange a competition among customers, employees EC Lists and friends for the best idea for business development. Write clear conditions, come up with a tempting prize from the scope of your service or product, and collect recommendations.

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