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Then clicking on the button will take the user to another site. I recommend that you always check the “in a new window” box, then the user will open the desir page in the browser and not close your site. You can insert other pages of your site or blocks of the current page into the button. “select page” – tilda will offer a list of your already creat pages, and you can specify the one you ne. “Select block” – you will find yourself in the page itor and you can scroll up and down to select the desir place without leaving it. Each block has its own unique number, so don’t worry, the button will lead you where you ne to go.

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Text, either on top of the picture, or in the form of a quote or review. Pure text blocks can be found in the “Text block” subsection. Any text on the page can be it without going into the content settings. Just click on a line of text and change its font, size Bolivia Phone Number List or style on the screen. But to be honest, it’s more convenient to it the text in the content itor. To save your changes, click “Save and close” again if you are done iting this block, or “Save” if you want to work  number of times.

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Step move, duplicate, and delete blocks

What else can you do with each block in tilda? Look in the upper right corner of the block – there are six more buttons. 1 – duplicate block. 2 – delete. 3 – hide (do not show on the publish page, but save in the itor for your nes). 4 – in the drop-down triangle, you can cut, copy, paste and select the block. The little manipulator’s library: the books you ne to read to make your ads work discreetly but effectively. 50 steps to conversion optimization: a guide EC Lists from lpgenerator will help you both get good quality traffic and get rid of unnecessary subscribers. We often write about bloggers and publish cases of earnings on blogs.

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