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Instagram, mailing lists, vkontakte and facebook groups, blogs and other ways to advertise yourself and your products are useful in their own way, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, it takes time and money to promote your own account and attract a quality thematic audience. The advantage of “Handicraft runet” is its complexity: we already have a sufficient number of information channels to achieve a large coverage. This is the website of the magazine and its forum, as well as the mailing list, a group on vkontakte, accounts in pinterest, postile, pinmi, do you personally have a handicraft business.

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Handicraft business as such, I’m primarily a publisher and my calling is not to teach or sell my work. Yes, I love different types of nelework and I can do a lot with my own hands, especially I like knitting and embroidery, where I have reach a high level of skill, but I do not see Benin Email List myself as a master or a teacher. Knitt mandala: mitate and create a masterpiece. The work of daria nasibulina knitt mandala: mitate and create a masterpiece. The work of daria nasibulina I like to invent patterns for knitting and create my own patterns for embroidery, and I publish them on the handicraft runet.

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Shop on etsy and share my designs on raveli, but I see my goal in a  nelework, connect creative worlds, create a platform for like-mind people to communicate and let others express themselves, this is exactly what I see purpose of your business. We thank daria for a detail story about her project and wish handicraft runet success, further development, good partners and satisfi customers! We want to ask the nelewomen: have you us the nd how exactly did it turn out to behow can a small business EC Lists choose bloggers to advertise on instagram? Interview with dasha andreeva. Or rather, about visual storytelling – about a story that is “Pack” in a visual form.

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