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We talk with veta kurganskaya, she is in charge of social networks, that this is a difficult task. And then you get a rich harvest, the way you want. You work for the result you ne and get exactly what you want. And this is your “From and to”. What are the main triggers (“pain” points) of the audience that you influence so that they stay with you? We tell real real stories. It became important for people what kind of business to do. These are not the stories when someone wants to be engag in any kind of business – as long as it brings money. Entrepreneurs “In sneakers” doing what they love! And plus freom . People leave employment when they cannot fulfill themselves there and do it in a form, rhythm that is convenient for them.

When they work in a big company

They ne to be rigidly built into some kind of framework, a lot of people don’t like that either. Such people like to express themselves in the way they are comfortable and with whom they are comfortable. Choose not only assistants and partners, but even customers and buyers. And the heroes of “Business in sneakers” have a very develop sense of moderation: when, on the one hand, you Bermuda Email List strive to grow – any customers – and on the other hand, people do not pursue profit at any cost. There is a very interesting story on this subject. We had an interview with ruslan dudnik about how an entrepreneur can advance through telegram.

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He tri it all at his healthy lifestyle

Trainings, and he got a very good result. I wrote to maria gubina about this, to which maria repli that she did not ne 4-5 times growth, now she is satisfi with the level that she has. It’s so cool! It’s a wonderful feeling of moderation when you don’t try to take a bite out of the pie EC Lists that you can’t eat. At the right time, you turn to those people who can help you today. But you don’t hire them. You are interacting with a person on a specific task today. For a while, you become a team.

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