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Sometimes uncontroll scalability can lead to such an effect that everything will lose its fullness, lose its meaning. And very many during the interview say: “I don’t ne 1000 orders, the hundr that I have is enough for me, but I do them with my soul.” these are people who are very aware of themselves and their nes. And they purposefully build their business, become highly qualifi specialists, experts. And then you are not just outwardly – you are changing internally: you grow personally, you become a completely different person. And at the same time, you are becoming more and more in demand in the professional field. And if you are a good and clients. Your project has a rather global mission! How do you deal with everything.

One cannot cope here – it is unrealistic

For a month, for two you will be enough not to sleep at night, but then that’s it. This is not the case with content projects. If there is a team, or at least ideas for the formation of this team, and the understanding that you cannot do it alone, then you can do something at the level at Belarus Email List which you yourself like, for a long period, and not burn out in a short period of time. Yes, drive, courage, but you won’t last long on this. Who is your team? I have a very large team working with me, without them nothing would have happen. We are about 10 people.

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Specialists, copywriter, administrator I myself do not it, I do not write out the texts, because if you still immerse yourself in this, then there will be no time left for anything. You can’t take everything on yourself, at some point you still ne to delegate, even if you overpower yourself, thinking “if you want it to be done well, do it yourself.” something big and good we can do only as a team. Even sometimes temporary team. Here is natalia frankel (I always return to this interview, it turn EC Lists out to be so valuable) for a big project she is recruiting a team of assistants, volunteers, but they are not always around.

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