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It is hard to believe that I found osinka back in those days when its famous forum was still quite small, there were literally a couple of topics on knitting. By the time of the creation of the “Handicraft runet” I had a wide circle of contacts, on the one hand, and on the other hand, I began to accumulate a lot of various information on nelework, and I want to share it. I was always curious to try something new, look for interesting projects, workshops, useful tips. I lov nelework for myself, I never had the goal of making something with my own hands for sale, but I always lik sharing interesting links and ideas.

That’s how my small site first appear, and

When its popularity reach 3000 unique visitors a day, I decid to turn it into something more serious and start working on the “Handmade runet”. What is the main idea of ​​the project? The main idea of ​​”Handicraft runet” is to collect the most interesting things from the world of nelework and tell our readers about your findings every day. This can be a variety of information: creative ideas Bolivia Email List and collections for  models with descriptions and diagrams, master classes and useful tips, interviews with creative people, reviews of events and nelework products, presentation of interesting thematic internet projects, and so on. . “handmade runet” did not create any products for a long time, there was a website, there were publications on the website.

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How did the project surviveHandmade runet

Already a product in itself, a brand recognizable in thematic circles. This is a popular online magazine in its niche, which was creat according to the standard scheme, like any print analogue, with the task of earning a living by publishing EC Lists advertisements. Nadezhda merkusheva, azconsult project itor nadezhda merkusheva, azconsult project itor “I remember how it all start” I got acquaint with the project “handicraft runet”, like many nelewomen in our country, while on maternity leave.

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