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How does this happen? Almost all major search engines have the ability to search by images. When you enter a query into the search bar, the system returns all relevant images. Search robots read the basic information: the content of the title, alt attributes and the text locat next to the image. If you add key user queries to the attribute descriptions, then the likelihood of being in the top of the issue increases.  are index by search engines, you can use a simple way: enter “site: (domain name)” in the search bar and click “find” (in general, the yandex query language is a very interesting and useful thing ) . Here, for example, are the images of our site index by yandex.

Yandex image search these pictures from our

Site were found by yandex these are images index by google.  index by google. An important role in site optimization is play by the uniqueness of images. You can read about proven ways to create unique pictures in this article . General Japan Phone Number List guidelines for filling mia file attributes the signature should main keywords in the alt and title description. Too long, over-optimiz signatures should be avoid. It is enough to add 1-2 keywords. Uploading mia files to the wordpress library method 1. From the “Mia files” section go to the “Mia files – add new” section, select the desir file on your computer and upload it to the wordpress library.

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You can select multiple files at once by pressing

Shift or ctrl. Upload mia files in the appropriate section method 2: on the post page an image or other mia files can be upload directly on the post page when you design an article or static page. This method is more optimal: this way you will be sure that all the add mia files are us, and avoid duplicating documents. We go into the text of the entry, put the EC Lists cursor in the file. Location area, click on the “Add mia file” button and select the file you ne to upload.

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