With Evgenii starovoitova she makes jewelry

Because at a certain stage you first grow – both as an entrepreneur and as a person. It happens that at first you just realize yourself in a new role, but then there comes a moment when you are ready and want to share. But not with your product – you are ready for this from the first day, you go into business for this. And to share with colleagues, with the community, with the world their knowlge, their experience, their energy. To share the value that has been form and accumulat during this time. Nastya interviews vladimir mokhunov nastya is interviewing vladimir mokhunov are you talking about business experience? When you become an entrepreneur, you ne more practical.

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Share only personal experience, personal knowlge, personal impressions. Yes, it is not always possible to give some specific instruction like “do it this way!”. It just doesn’t make sense to copy others. There are no ready recipes. You have to look, think, compare, and ask yourself questions all the time: “how can I apply this to myself? How can I do this?” it can be very useful to look at how Ukraine Phone Number List different people did it, and at the same time understand how you want to do it, and something third can be born out of all this. When we talk  from stones, zhenya said: “if I constantly look at someone and copy, it turns out that these are not my thoughts, and then.

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I will go the wrong way, I still have to let it all go

Through you.” nastya, tell us about the process of working on the project: you have very high-quality shooting, iting, website, texts – all this requires costs. We ourselves are from this area, we have been dealing with video for many years, our company is call kinodvizhenie. We have made television programs and other content projects, we are constantly engag in video production and EC Lists promotion, we specialize in promoting business and personal brands using video and the internet. Therefore, we understand this, we know this, this is absolutely ours, belov and dear. Is this just your personal business in sneakers? It is possible to say so.

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