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Shortener, this includes 3 factors: 1 Domain customization:  customize the domain. That is to say: Domain customization: When inserting the link in our shortener, the default domain is “” , yes, once creat you can customize the link for your own domain or subdomain, which you must configure in the account preferences. Advanc click tracking: Unique link for each SMS and detail tracking of interactions. LabsMobile identifies user clicks by means of a unique code per message sent and stores all the data of that click (date, time, IP address, user agent). With this data it is possible to generate lists, reports and click statistics for each SMS message sent.

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Clicks (and all the associat information) of each of the messages. This is additional functionality to any shortener not integrat into an SMS platform. SMS attachments What do you have to do to use our shortener and send SMS campaigns and Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List communications? Our link shortening service is completely free, all you have to do to be able to use it in your SMS is: Register for free on our SMS sending platform: create a user account here . Once you have creat your account (when you complete the data we will give you 10 free crits to use on your first shipment), you can go to the “Attachments” section and by.

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clicking on add file or link you can

Shorten a long URL or upload any file to the platform and it will assign you a short link. You can also configure your account so that any link is shorten automatically. In other words, whether it is sent by the WebSMS application or via. API, any link will be shorten when process by the. Platform and the minimum number of EC Lists characters will be consum. Customize the domain with your brand name, if you want to see how to do it we have a post that explains exactly how to do it easily with a simple DNS configuration: click here.

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