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Of course, this is not the only reason why we recommend using a shortener: Long links generate mistrust: A long link with an alphanumeric code generates  be associat with fraudulent activities. And since, as we have mention before, there are more and more fraudulent messages, it is important to generate trust and make it clear that said link is safe. Create brand image: Some shorteners allow you to customize the abbreviat link with the brand name so that the user identifies you, and in line with what we have said before, it generates trust and security.

Monitoring and measurement By using a

shortener that allows you to monitor clicks and access detail information on the behavior that the user has had with your link, you will be able to improve future campaigns and marketing strategies. Also calculate the return of your campaigns and SMS communications. One of the most valuable data or results is being able to segment recipients Ecuador WhatsApp Number List according to their loyalty or interaction, being able to differentiate users who have not click, those who have click, those who have click more than once and viral users  users who have shar the link and that different devices have access with the same URL.

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You can also add UTM variables or any

Other in your URLs that will be hidden using a URL shortener. LabsMobile’s free link shortener As we have mention before, there are many shorteners online, but not all of them have the necessary features to create efficient links and make your campaigns and communications perform better. LabsMobile is an SMS technology platform that has all EC Lists the necessary services so that, from the same web application, you can create, manage, send and optimize your campaigns and communications. For that same reason, we creat a shortener that meets all the characteristics that we have mention above.

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