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The crits acquir are valid during the month of November 2022. The return of unus crits is not contemplat. On December 1, 2021, all crits acquir subject to thisĀ  and adjust according to the standard rate without promotion. Promot service . Purchas crits can be us to send SMS messages of any type (standard, Unicode and concatenat) to any destination country during the promotion period. SUPPORT : Our technicians will help and support all those clients who require advice on their campaigns during this month of November 2022. This support service has no additional cost. Communication will be made with the Support.

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Such as: Import of recipient databases. Update and debugging of the list of recipients. Advice on the message, sender, links and resources to send in the campaigns. Recommendation in the programming (date, time, recursion) of the campaigns. Support in the interpretation of the results of the campaigns. Any custom development or implementation not includ in Denmark WhatsApp Number List the services of the WebSMS application is not includ. November BLACK 2022 on LabsMobile PROCURE : The steps to qualify for the promotion are describ below: Create a user account at Follow the steps to validate the account: Notification settings. Introduction of billing and contact information. Acceptance and electronic signature of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Make one or more.

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The second step of the purchase process. Request support or advice at supportf you have an already validat account, the process will begin in step 4. This promotion incorporates as annexes the previous clauses to the Terms of Service of the LabsMobile platform for those clients who want to join.Why use a URL shortener in your SMS campaigns? Labsmobile October URL Shortener V1 5 (100%) 23 votes What is a link shortener? A URL shortener is EC Lists an online tool that randomly assigns a set of numbers and characters to the URL you enter. So its original length is ruc and a shorten version of between 10 and 20 characters is creat. The link that is generat will include the address of the that you have previously select.

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