Still Popular Virtual Influencers, What Marketers Need to Know

Recently, Korea’s first survival program ‘Girl Reverse’, which is conducted in a virtual world, is gathering a lot of attention. It has received a lot of expectations and attention from the public even before its launch, but it has not disappointed and is gaining popularity among domestic and foreign fans with a new format, stage production, and character world view that has never been seen before.

What is a virtual character or virtual human?

Virtual characters and virtual humans are characters in virtual space Bahamas Email List created with artificial intelligence (AI) that interact with people in various ways, such as SNS, video, and chatbots, and are human-shaped computers. They can be shown in various forms such as characters, chatbots or avatars and can be used in a variety of fields including education, healthcare, entertainment and customer service.

Virtual humans can be freely set in appearance, gender, age, personality, etc. to suit various consumer purposes, and can be used to provide personalized experiences and services regardless of location and time constraints. With these strengths, she is active as an advertising model or influencer.

Why are virtual influencers growing in popularity?

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Virtual humans are becoming a popular trend in digital marketing. To date, it is used in a variety of ways in marketing, including brand advertising models and influencers. The biggest reason why virtual characters are so popular in the brand market is that. They can minimize the cost and risk of using models. Beyond that, friendly characters and virtual humans foster more interactions between brands and customers. Allowing them to form personal relationships with their customers. Another advantage of virtual humans is that they can help customers at any time. Automated tools like chatbots can improve the customer experience and increase engagement with your brand.

As technology advances, we can expect to see much moreĀ  EC Lists sophisticated virtual characters. Virtual humans can be a powerful tool in digital marketing as an influencer. But they should be used appropriately, with careful consideration of your brand’s goals and target audience.


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