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We will slowly improve everything, improve it, file it down, so that it turns out really cool, the way we originally intend! But what about an online agency? Of course, I will not leave the internet agency. this is my favorite brainchild, I “ate the dog” here and take care of each client individually! Moreover, the experience gain while working with play plan will be widely us in thearticles we read. Digest for december january 12, 2017 business , interesting let’s start the new working year with useful reading! At the end of 2016, we did not load you with information, but continu to study useful materials on marketing, advertising and sales in runet. So, valuable tips handy in the new year.

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Waiting for visitors? This is not enough! Cossa gives advice on how you can still promote for free by posting links to your site. Read in the material 18 top tips for free link promotion of sites . Rusability ‘s guide to best marketing tactics for each Russia Phone Number List generation will help you fine-tune ads to the age preferences of your target audience as accurately  as possible . Eva katz, managing partner of 5 o’click online sales agency , shar a list of books to read.They wrote about me in the third person, saying that the author here wants to tell us something, but we do not want to listen to the author. And the author sits with bulging eyes and looks at it all.

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Has the content on the runet improv qualitatively lately? Is seo copywriting really becoming obsolete, giving way to high-quality semantic texts? So, let’s not high-profile titles. I’m not a “Recogniz guru” of anything at all. the itor of kotikov. But the content in runet is really improving. The efforts of many colleagues lead to the fact that customers – customers – begin to want the best. It’s a matter of demand: if clients don’t demand quality, copywriters EC Lists won’t deliver it. With a few exceptions, complete perfectionists. Just because it’s easier. Therefore, all efforts should be direct to the ucation of clients and seos. We are interest in the place of private specialists in all this.

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