24 steps to improve the loading speed of your WordPress (WPO)

Therefore, 24 steps to improve the loading speed of your WordPress (WPO). It is important that the loading speed of your website is fast for several reasons: you improve the usability of the page and. therefore, the browsing experience of your users, and you favor the natural positioning of your website in the search engines. Here are some techniques to achieve that acceleration.

Choose a good hosting

Therefore, Choose a good hosting. It doesn’t matter how optimized your website. Therefore, is if it is hosted on low-quality hosting. with few resources, your website will drag. It would be like trying to use the latest version of the Adobe software suite on a 5-year-old computer, to make an analogy. You must host your website on a hosting plan with features job function email list that facilitate speed and better if it is configured for WordPress. In the article published by David Campos you have a list of the best recommended hosting .

Choose a fast charging design

Choose a fast charging design. What is shown to your visitors is your design. Therefore, the theme or template chosen to beautify and facilitate access to your content. The problem is that sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect balance between performance and speed. Therefore, We let ourselves be guided by the aesthetics of EC Lists the demos that the creators of the designs show us when in reality. what will mark the image of our website will be our corporate image, our photos and our products.

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