65 essential phrases and concepts about Online Marketing

65 essential phrases and concepts about Online Marketing. Very good. We have compiled 65 Marketing phrases that we think are great because they summarize many key aspects of Online Marketing. Review the most important concepts and learn from the great suggestions of these 13 experts in Social Media, SEO, personal branding and content marketing. A luxury to have all of them in the same post!

Profitability of Facebook Ads and Adwords

Profitability of Facebook Ads and Adwords. José Luis Culebras: Nowadays it is normal for the same advertising campaign to be on different social networks at the same time. Specifically, I am on Facebook and Adwords at the same time, in both cases with CPC. What data should I compare to see which of these advertising channels is the most profitable for me. Elena : Yes, it is essential that you compare each person’s spending, what they are investing email database in each of the platforms and the conversions they have generated. That would be a little bit of the general summary of the important information that he must obtain.

Periscope utility for brands

eriscope utility for brands. Lilibeth García: My question is about Periscope. How can we take advantage of it for a personal brand and for a company? How useful is it and how often would it be appropriate to use it.

David : Well, the strategy would be the same as in any other social network and try to EC Lists provide valuable content to our community. If we do not create content that satisfies them or that they are logically searching for, our strategy on Periscope will not work. The frequency of publication depends a little on the content we have, not because we want to publish every week, if we do not have content that may interest you, we have to do it.

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