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I also assist in theoretical advanc training classes at the moscow psychological and pagogical university, and conduct practical skills training for novice psychologists. Who mainly comes to you, who is the target audience? Both women and men come, but most of all women, approximately 75-80%, age, as a rule, is from 25 to 50. The social status is very different. It can be a businessman, a lathe operator, and an engineer.

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Much social status as desire, courage and readiness for a critical perception of problems and one’s role in some problem or situation that nes to be solv. Of course, this does not apply to children (especially those under 7 years old). There are completely different principles of Venezuela Phone Number List conducting a session and ways of motivation. How do you conduct consultations? In my case, these are rather not consultations, but psychotherapeutic sessions . I conduct them both in person and via skype. I conduct trainings for beginners – so far only full-time.

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A standard psychotherapy session is

Hours, sometimes 1.5 hours. The training consists of 6 sessions of 3 astronomical hours. There is also a series of psychotherapy sessions: first, “Repair of life” – the priority, the elimination of all the most urgent, sore and declar by the client problems; bringing a person to a good state – when the client solves most of the problems in life on his own, without outside help; development EC Lists of missing abilities: communication, problem solving, readiness to manage people and sudden changes in life, elimination of fix points of view and states.

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