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Today our guest is the wonderful project “business in sneakers” and its author anastasia borovitskaya. Nastya and her team talk about a new generation of entrepreneurs who are changing many attitudes and rules and creating a truly interesting business, about wonderful people who live next to us. Nastya_biznes_v_kah2 nastya, the name “Business in sneakers” immiately reproduces in the mind the image of such a free, dreamy, cheerful hipster freelancer. Are we reading the image correctly? What is the main idea of ​​this project? And so do they. but not only. “Business in sneakers” is about people and for people who are engag in their business, they love the business very much, and at the same time it is a source of income for them.

There are many such people in various fields of

Activity: in it, design, consulting and others. These are freelancers working independently, and owners of small companies. This is both online and offline, shops, coffee houses, cakes to order, natural cosmetics and much, much more. This format, when your business is like a lifestyle: you like it, bring joy to yourself and benefit others – and this choice is completely conscious. There are Vietnam Phone Number List many of us, and we are in sneakers. so it’s always business? Hobby, hobby – it’s not about you? Yes, hobbies are a different story. If a person does something for pleasure and does not consider his business as a source of income, this, of course, is not a business.

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When was the project born How did the idea to

Create it come about? Perhaps life itself suggest this idea. We there are a lot of people around who are involv in small projects, and they are so cool, so lively, happy, passionate about their work. They like this lifestyle, they like the fact that they can work anywhere, anytime, with anyone. You can constantly reach new levels of financial freom. That is, you decide for yourself: do you want to EC Lists earn more and are ready to spend time and effort on this, or are you satisfi with the level of income that you have now, and you are comfortable with it. We decid that we should somehow introduce these people, talk about them.

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