How Does It Work and What Are Its Advantages for the Seller?

With consumers increasingly demanding and eager to have their product in their hands as quickly as possible, the major players in the market know the importance of investing in more technologies and Distribution Centers around the country for this to happen. Magazine Luiza, the marketplace highlighted in this article, has thousands of physical stores, Distribution Centers and cross-docking that help to make its fulfillment more agile in different regions of Brazil, and so that sellers on its platform have more opportunities to offer a higher quality in your deliveries or even have lower costs .

Marketplace Fulfillment is a logistical service

That is part of Magalu Deliveries, where the marketplace is responsible for storing, packaging and sending products from its sellers to end customers. The program was launched in June 2022. Between June and CEO Email Lists September, it registered the inclusion of 500 sellers and, of all orders, 20% of the total number of products reached the customer within 24 hours . With a projection that by 2023 there will be more than 33 DCs, 1680 stores and 450 logistics units throughout the country , Magazine Luiza currently has more than a thousand physical stores that are used as “mini-distribution centers.


They are used to make your deliveries

More agile and services to help your consumers and sellers of different sizes. Within fulfillment there are some modes such as: Magalu Agency: ideal for sellers with few daily sales, who must take the products to a store in the Magalu Marketplace where they will do the shipping and delivery. Magalu Post: similar to the one above, and also suitable for EC Lists beginner sellers, the seller must dispatch his products at a post office for Magalu to receive and carry out the rest of the logistical part for his client. Magalu Coletas: in this modality, the seller must already have a minimum number of daily sales for the marketplace itself to carry out the daily collection in its store or warehouse and carry out the rest of the logistical part afterwards.

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