How to sell more with a sales flowchart

Drawing up a sales plan focused on results requires a series of actions for it to be completed successfully, that is, at a profit! One of these actions is related to the structural organization of the project, with the design of each stage of the sales process to be followed by the team. This drawing is called a flowchart . Through the graphic visualization of the operation of the whole process, where the stages of the sales cycle, the phases of the funnel, the lead in focus and the responsible teams, from prospecting to post-sales, will be defined, the result of the your planning. A flowchart elaborated in a strategic, clear, organized and well-defined way will be easily understood by the team and followed as designed.

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Tool that creates a sales flowchart if it is not conducted by strategic management, if commercial techniques are not applied in its construction and if it is not aligned with the marketing team and understood by the Sales team. So let’s show you step by step so you can create your sales flowchart. This is an essential solution in larger and more Administration Directors Email Lists complex sales, such as B2B. What is a sales flowchart? A sales flowchart is a graphic outline of the steps in a process to be followed. In this case, the sales process . It is through this visual representation that the steps will be organized, so that sales professionals can guide leads along the funnel. Flowcharts help the sales team understand a complicated process, visualizing each phase: past, current and future.


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Why do you need to have a sales flowchart right now? There are many benefits provided by the sales flowchart: more planned investments, risk prevention, better executed commercial campaigns, among others. According to a Salesforce survey , 84% of business customers are more likely to buy from a company that demonstrates an understanding EC Lists of the customer’s business goals. And that’s exactly where the flowchart helps. A company that adopts the solution and manages to implement it strategically, using good technological support, gains both in increasing efficiency and in improving process management. In addition, the tool provides organization and synergy to the work, helping to boost sales even more and generate profitability.

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