What’s the Difference and How to Use These Sales Strategies?

How to increase the average ticket? How to increase conversion rates? What strategies to use and how to apply them? Even with trained sales teams, commercial strategies will only be successful when the company is aware of its customers’ buying behavior. Based on this understanding, cross selling and up selling actions can be included in sales planning . These are strategies that help increase sales and revenue for companies, update the customer experience and add value to the business. What is cross selling Cross selling is every sales operation in which the customer is offered products or services complementary to what he is purchasing, based on prior knowledge of his purchasing interests. In this type of negotiation , the customer can be attracted by the offer to pay for the additional items at an amount below what he would pay buying the products separately, becoming an advantage for him.

Cross selling is also known by its English translation

Cross selling. It is a resource widely used to increase sales revenue in companies. Practical examples of the cross selling technique There are examples of cross selling that you can easily identify in various situations in your everyday life. Learn how Payroll Directors Email Lists to assertively offer the most relevant products with these examples of cross-selling techniques: Tip at checkout These purchase suggestions usually appear during the closing process. It’s a highly effective tactic that also serves to demonstrate the breadth of a catalog to customers. Cross interests in one-off or durable goods purchases It is common practice when selling services that wiLl not be purchased more than once or when selling durable items.


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Cross a probable interest with a possible extended sale, increasing cash flow. An example is the credit cards offered, in a cross-section, to customers who have a checking account, as well as life insurance, which is usually suggested for those who cover a car. Combine items from the same line This is a slightly more personalized approach , but it works on EC Lists the same principle: you offer complementary items that will work well with the product the customer is about to buy. after-sales reminders Cross – sell emails are meant to demonstrate that you don’t have to be pushy to sell more . With an easy and informal approach, your cross-sell emails act as gentle reminders aimed at improving the customer experience.

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