We are talking to the

We are talking to the. A reasonable and optimal way ,” says Magdalena Crowzubaj. “BIM technology allows you to minimize errors at the implementation stage, eliminate the number of modifications in projects, and ruse the possibility of shortcomings during construction. This allows for the sustainable use of materials by racing the risk of wasting them.” Laptop portal OKNOPLAST Demand is still growing. The BIMobject platform is a place where an increasing number of architects, contractors and interior designers are looking for BIM files. This trend is also felt by the OKNOPLAST brand, whose products enjoy unflagging interest there not only on the Polish.

Cooperation for a quarter of a century

European market, but also those reaching far photo editing servies beyond. continent. “We also note numerous inquiries about availability and growing demand for new models. Every month, OKNOPLAST products become popular among architects, both in Poland and abroad. We are particularly pleased with the increasing reach to markets outside Europe, especially the American market, which confirmed by the number of downloads of our company’s files . Magdalena Cero Cuba also emphasizes how important the statistics available on BIMobject.com are for the OKNOPLAST brand.

BIM as a catalyst for cooperation

These results show us the extent to which. We can introduce EC Lists further improvements. Thanks to the list of the most frequently download files, we can draw further conclusions for creating our portfolio.” Do you want to take a decisive step forward like OKNOPLAST? Don’t wait any longer and schule a presentation during which you will learn how BIMobject can help your company enter the path of dynamic development. Building relationships, availability of materials, spe of arrival. How BIMobject helps in the development of FAKRO Joanna Podstufka Joanna Podstufka March , When walking through the historic center of.

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