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In the final analysis, product selection and traffic are the key to the operation of independent stations. personal blog site Another particularly worth recommending is the cross-border entrepreneurial approach of personal blogs. Frankly speaking, both in terms of the number of blogs and the quality of creation, the blogs in the Unit States are far higher than those in China. According to statista data evaluation, by 2020, the number of bloggers in the Unit States who update their blogs at least once a month will reach 31.7 million, which also means that there will be 1 blogger in every 10 Americans. Of course, this data is only an estimate, and its authenticity cannot be verifi.

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Other angles, such as the quality of search content compar with Google and Baidu, the number of WordPress installations, the number of English content reprints, the efficiency of actually solving problems, and so on. Cross-border entrepreneurship In fact, most people Turks and Caicos Islands Email List do not have the habit of writing, or have no sense of information. There are many sellers who are engag in cross-border e-commerce industry, never Google, nor Youtube. This lack of ability to acquire knowlge often leads to being always one step behind, and even out of touch with the world.

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Overseas websites 3-4 years ago were translat into Chinese and repost to domestic cross-border mia, which became enthusiastically sought after. Blogs are one of the most effective blogs, which are lov by Google. Therefore, when we search for some relevant information on Google, some EC Lists original and well-known personal blogs can often get better rankings and more traffic. The “king” mention above has become “content is king” and “traffic is king” here.

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