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When Amazon opens a store, there are many people with monthly sales of tens of millions of dollars, and after three to five months, it is not uncommon for them to close down at a loss. The independent station, because of the flow problem, is even more tragic, with two heavens of ice and fire. The same is true for blog writing, and there is also the problem of product selection, that is, the topic selection of blogs. Most of the newcomers will write some short topics of parents. The profitability of such a blog is very poor.

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Advertising products, and second, it is also very difficult to obtain traffic. There is also the problem of “selection”. Speaking of profitability, blogging is different from e-commerce. It usually takes at least half a year from investment to income. With the accumulation of time and Western Sahara Email List the increase of natural traffic, the income will gradually increase. The monthly income of most bloggers is only a few hundr dollars. and well-select products will take this as a full-time job, and their monthly income may be as high as 5,000-100,000 U.S. dollars. Don’t feel unbelievable, these are really happening around us.

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Domestic bloggers who focus on the professional market can earn as much as 1 million net income per year by writing blogs. Affiliate special website I am in ” Affiliate advertising alliance, cross-border e-commerce platform, independent self-built website? In the article “How to Choose the Three Cross-border Entrepreneurial Business Models of the Three Networks “, an independent EC Lists chart was made, and the recommendation degree of the advertising network Affiliate and the independent station was set as a four-star recommendation index, even higher than Amazon. Don’t be surpris, that’s what I meant.

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