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Dropshipping? For example, we have previously shar a Canadian dropshipping business platform, and I wrote an article detailing ” Using Spocket to Select Dropshipping Products from European and American Local Suppliers The delivery time is fast and the quality is good in Europe and the Unit States ” But what’s interesting is that in order to monitor and count user usage, uses the short address service in the login address. The result is that if you don’t have channel, you will not be able to log in to use the dropshipping service of spocket.

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Report that sellers from China could not log in and use short links, hoping to solve this problem. And then, no more, because sellers from China are not their main customers. Maybe they all think that Chinese sellers are selling on AliExpress. Back to the topic, there are actually many Dropshipping payment solutions on AliExpress. The principle is only one, overseas payment VP HR Email Lists methods. For example, Paizhushang virtual card, payoneer MasterCard physical card, velo East West Bank guarante crit card can all be paid smoothly, and there is also PayPal. Of course, domestic PayPal does not work, but the US version of PayPal.

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AliExpress are all Chinese sellers, you can also communicate directly with the shopkeepers and purchase directly through Alipay, which can also help AliExpress sellers save some commissions. In addition, you can also report payment problems to AliExpress customer service, and explain directly to AliExpress customer service that I am doing Dropshipping. The customer service can open a green channel for you to assist you in completing the payment. How to elegantly solve the collection and payment EC Lists problems of cross-border entrepreneurship? The problem of cross-border collection and payment has always been a very nerve-wracking problem.

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