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Payoneer, Stripe, Velo, and crit cards. Generally speaking, according to the seller’s size, operation mode and identity characteristics, it can be divid into two sets of plans: Solution 1: PayPal + Payoneer + Stripe solution PayPal (domestic version) collects the order payment from the platform or independent station, and withdraws to the US bank account issu by Payoneer after paying a withdrawal fee of US$35 per transaction; Bind the Bank of America account issu by Payoneer to cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and the order payment of the platform will be transferr to the Payoneer.

Bank of America account Use the Hong Kong

DBS bank account issu by Payoneer (it can be approv and issu after the cumulative collection amount of 30,000 US dollars) to apply for a Stripe Hong Kong version account. The independent station customer completes the order payment through the Stripe channel, and Stripe then transfers the funds to the Payoneer Hong Kong account; After the above funds are attribut to Payoneer: From the VP Administration Email Lists Payoneer withdrawal and settlement to the domestic bank account, a withdrawal fee of about 1% will be duct. Apply for a MasterCard physical card from Payoneer, and conduct dropshipping purchases through AliExpress; Pay directly from the Payoneer account to 1688, logistics, ERP and other service providers; Option 2: PayPal (US version) + Velo US bank account + US crit card (Amex Aspire) Use Velo.

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Bank of America account to apply for PayPal

Pay Pay receives funds from the platform or independent station or Affiliate, and transfers to Velo Bank of America account with zero handling fee; Then, Velo mobile bank wire transfer funds to domestic banks; or use the Visa debit card issu by Velo to withdraw cash at domestic ATMs; however, my most recommend method is to use the American crit card (Amex Aspire) to dropship EC Lists purchases on AliExpress, Bind the Amex US crit card to the Velo account, and repay the crit card directly from the Velo account.

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