Small projects that I meet the most inspire

Let it not work from the first approach, do another and another – and so on until you achieve your goal. Just do not compose about yourself what is not. Better change the product, line, positioning, bas on your capabilities and customer nes. Talk about your strengths in terms of benefit to the audience. Speak not once, not twice, not ten, but constantly. But try not to be too boring and don’t play the role of a lecturer. You can not only teach clients, but also motivate them. In this sense, I recommend looking at the stodnevka project: they not only and not so much teach how to achieve key goals this year in 100 days, but also motivate to do this – they show the success stories of their participants, share insights, in general, create demand.

Look not at what experts say, but at what they do

Words often disagree with des, even among gurus. Few people will say: “yes, I myself don’t know how it works, I just publish chaotically either restrain useful or provocative emotional – somehow I get applications.” each area has its own stars, who in our time are actively sharing advice. And it’s important to watch what they do. If you are an accountant, then look at those accountants who are successfully moving online. Do not listen to Egypt Phone Number List the fact that an accountant certainly nes a blog if you see that the most successful people live without it and they get great clients on social networks. A blog may be ne – hypothetically – and the money is already coming from social networks.

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So should you start with the most

Complex and least proven tool? Right now I would really like to give out a magic pill, but I don’t have it. Promotion without a budget is hard work and buying leads from the context is much easier. But the lack of a budget for advertising is not a sentence. The verdict is miocrity, passivity, and a desire not to sell cheap by giving free favors to your EC Lists audience. But it is among  by their work people who are ready to give back. That is why I believe in the potential of microbusiness.

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