A person who does one thing at a time and

We hope you receiv inspiration, food for thought, ses for change, and even a concrete call to action. Don’t waste time looking for magic recipes for easy promotion – it’s time to choose what you will invest and what you will sacrifice for the sake of the result! Or maybe you want to argue that the same pill exists? Write – we will be happy to talk about this topic! Kira kam, ceo at business contentbecome happier and more productive by doing one thing at a time! How does monotasking work? December 17, 2016 tools and services , interesting , books , business psychology at the end of the year, it is customary to sum up the results and make plans for the future.

No matter what the scale of your plans

You are somehow bas on some system, life principles or personal philosophy. On what helps you achieve global goals and solve current problems every day. But in the pursuit of results, do you have time to experience life to the fullest? Our guest today claims: “life is already too short not to notice what is happening to you!” natalia ioffe is a female El Salvador Phone Number List entrepreneur who develops two business lines: copywriting and facebook marketing. Natalia is the author of the books “from 0 to 2. Life management for a young mother” (ast, 2014) and “confession of a monotasker.

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How to achieve goals and be happy by

Taking one step at a time. Just bas on the second book, we ask natalya to talk about monotasking. Let me introduce myself: in front of you is a monotasker woman. has creat a whole life philosophy bas on this principle, which is call monotasking. May the guardians of the purity of the russian language forgive me, leaving angry comments about me and this word. I understand your outrage, but I don’t share it. As an author, I have chosen the most EC Lists capacious and sonorous term that will immiately declare itself, be remember and not get lost among other words of the russian language.

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