Development prospects of Shopify in China

This kind of price war is vividly display on AliExpress. This is not a big deal, what is even worse is the malicious sellers’ indiscriminate means. The ” VC Strangling Incident ” did not stop completely because of the exposure of the incident. Operating on the Amazon platform, there is still a high possibility of being attack and strangl by malicious sellers, especially if the hard-earn listings are destroy or stolen. To seek food on the platform, you have to follow the rules set by the platform for you. Even if the treaty is unreasonable and unfair, it must be obey honestly.

If the platform asks you to send this logistics

You have to send this. If the platform says yours is a counterfeit, then it is a counterfeit. If the platform says you will be fin, then you will be fin. To operate on the platform is to rely on others, who are swordsmen, and I am fish and meat. Establishing an independent self-built website through Shopify can ruce the risk of platform operation to a certain South Africa WhatsApp Number List extent, and can give yourself more voice. 3. Shopify’s fast and convenient website building feature greatly ruces the threshold for building a website, allowing sellers to quickly open an independent self-built website. Shopify advocates letting professional people do professional things, and the way of SaaS makes it easier and more convenient to build an independent self-built website than ever before.

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To this end, I have made a separate video

Animation of ” Understanding Shopify in 10 Minutes ” for interpretation. To be honest, as a well-known Canadian company, I was very optimistic about the. Because of the simple and fast store opening characteristics, relying on AliExpress’s Dropshipping model to achieve great success in North America, I took it for grant that copying it to China would also be the same. can be successful. However, China also has China’s special national conditions. In China, independent self-built websites can be regard as professional, and sellers in Putian, Suzhou and EC Lists other places are still the main ones. This feature seems a little embarrassing. Suspect infringement and imitation products are still the best-selling products of many independent self-built website sellers, maybe.

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