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The total sales in the Unit States are even more than the world. This also leads to the most obvious conclusion that ordering and shopping on independent self-built websites is very popular among American users. Back to the topic, as shown above, the three methods of WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento occupy the majority of the market share of independent self-built websites. Due to the high technical threshold of Magento, the market share has been declining in recent years. And Shopify has grown wildly because of its fast and convenient store opening model, which is close to WooCommerce. In fact, in my opinion, it is only a matter of time before Shopify catches up with WooCommerce. Perhaps next year, Shopify will occupy Top 1.

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Commerce is deadlock, and both have their strengths. As a cross-border e-commerce seller in China, which way to choose to build an independent self-built website is a question that many people are thinking about. Of course, judging from the current popularity, in China, Shopify is far ahead of WooCommerce by a large margin. At least in the cross-border e-commerce mia, in the overwhelming publicity, you only see Shopify, but you can’t seem South Korea WhatsApp Number List to find anything about WooCommerce. . Clearly, this doesn’t fit WooCommerce’s curreposition globally, and consider some of the reasons why. Shopify is actually a SaaS-bas e-commerce service software, so you don’t ne to install it, and you don’t have to worry about program development and server-relat issues.

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Open a website store on Shopify, and you only ne to pay $29/month. Plus a certain percentage of transaction fees, fast and convenient, this is the biggest advantage of Shopify. Of course, because the website store open on Shopify is not independent, if there is a violation or the risk is too high, your independent self-built website may still be forcibly clos or frozen by Shopify officials. Obviously WooCommerce is us by more people, why is Shopify more widely promot than WooCommerce? 1. Shopify’s Affiliate affiliate promotion project EC Lists is a first-class marketing promotion model. Shopify’s overwhelming publicity and promotion in China, in fact, is largely due to the alliance promotion of Shopify Affiliate.

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