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To put it simply, from the perspective of a single country, the Unit States ranks first, and Yaoyao leads any country in the world, follow by Japan, which ranks second far behind the Unit States. In terms of independent stations, 60-70% of global cross-border e-commerce sales come from the Unit States. Like Amazon’s size, the Unit States is still the most popular cross-border market for sellers, even though the competition is fierce. Of course, affect by the epidemic and policy factors, logistics prices and various operating costs in the Unit States are also increasing, and sales to the Unit States are much more difficult than ever. But even so, few sellers seem to be giving up on the U.S. market so easily. How to get a US phone number? Google Voice is currently the most recommend way.

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Calls to North America are completely free. It seems that there is no second more reliable and more valuable way than Google Voice. However, because of the free feature, the number resources are loot in large quantities. At present, most of the free verification numbers cannot complete the verification of Google Voice. You can try to complete the verification through a third-party code Marketing Directors Email Lists receiving platform. You can rent a verification number from verif for $2.09 to complete the application verification and get a free US phone number for Google voice. Further reading: ” Apply for a free US phone number to call North America at no cost ” How to get a US street address.

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Have a demand for real street address services in the Unit States . Apply for a real street address in the Unit States, receive and receive checks, receive packages and ship them back to China. With the continuous improvement of cross-border business, this demand is us more and more. Slowly, I discover that having a real US address has become a prerequisite for cross-border EC Lists entrepreneurship. This kind of statement is not an exaggeration, and it has many functions. Here I will also talk about a few real experiences of my own to see what effect renting a real street address in the Unit States has on cross-border entrepreneurs.

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