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Baidu understands Chinese better, but the customer base of cross-border e-commerce is foreigners, mainly in English. How can you understand your foreign customers through Baidu? In fact, such information asymmetry abounds in cross-border entrepreneurship. If you really understand some background information carefully, you will know that it is not difficult to register an American company for US$139. Then, you will learn to apply for an ein number and various other overseas services by yourself. Extend reading: ” Complete Manual for US Company Registration and Operation ” Can you talk about OpenWrt softrouting? cannot.

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Role is to help your network grow wings and increase network utilization. For specific purposes, sellers on Taobao may be willing to answer your questions with you, or you can google it yourself. What I want to say is that soft routing is a lot of fun. Do you have any suggestions for ERP? ERP can make you get twice the result with half the effort and greatly improve work efficiency. However, the domestic ERP market is quite chaotic, and there are many people who are deceiv. Some ERP companies Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists are both software developers and sellers themselves. And when you use the ERP software services they provide for free, in fact, you have expos all your stores, products, sales, and financial information to the erp company.

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Become someone else’s product. Of course, there are also many erp service providers who will make it clear that we strictly protect customer privacy and abide by business ethics. One thing nes to be clear, in the face of interests, do you think these promises are crible in a society that lacks the spirit of contract? So, don’t be so naive, when you authorize your api to a third-party erp, you EC Lists should be mentally prepar to tell others about your product information and sales. If there is a real ne, find an erp service provider with a good reputation, or build your own erp.

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