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At the same time, professional content marketing in the. Future guarantees a better return on investment, since it is bas on rich experience in conducting. Such campaigns, as well as the availability of resources for the preparation of materials and the possibility of obtaining real discounts from sites. And here are the real stories of our agency. A website building platform company approach with the challenge of attracting new clients. From micro and small business owners and webmasters. Together with the customer. And alfa-content specialists, a carri out, as a result of which a program of action was drawn up. It was decid to focus on three types of sites: webmaster-orient; for small business owners; on coverage areas of relat topics.

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Users of the product and make itself known in the professional community. A total of 8 placements were made, covering about 400,000 people. The cost of a contact was 0.25 rubles, the cost of going to the site was 23.51 rubles. The customer fully paid back the investment and was satisfi with the result of the advertising campaign, as he receiv sales of his service. In one of the most successful advertising campaigns of alfa-content – work with a Panama Phone Number List manufacturer of gaming accessories – the price of a click was 6.2 rubles, and the forecasts for coverage and the number of clicks were exce by 3-5 times. Content marketing is one of the few ways of promotion that really allows you to achieve.

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Hightilda publishing website builder

Making a beautiful website yourself october 17, 2016 website promotion in the last issue, we talk about how to create a business card website on the wordpress platform . Today we will introduce you to the tilda publishing modular website builder , where you can make a longread, portfolio, interactive special project, landing page or a simple but stylish blog. I want a nice site! The appearance of your page is especially important if you are a designer EC Lists or photographer and your project is closely relat to the visualization of a product or service.

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