Naver blog writing, how to get top exposure?

These days, many people are trying to blog on Naver as a side job. However, since I was a student, I will be unfamiliar with the writing I have been writing for a long time, and I will be worried about how to take the top exposure strategy. So this time, I’m going to learn about writing strategies for top exposure on Naver blog 🙂

Wait, before reading this article, you can look at Naver SEO with a much higher understanding if you read the Naver top exposure strategy I wrote before.

What is SEO? why is it important

It is a job to ensure that the content you create is Belgium Email List located. At the top of search engines such as Google and Naver. The higher the position of the post, the more people can flow in. This requires some specialized effort.

The most important thing is to define the theme of the article with keywords and deliver useful information to the readers with the text and attached images that match it. So this time, we are going to find out how to write a competitive Naver blog through Hubble, a search data solution provided by Ascent Korea.

Naver blog writing know-how TOP501. Select the theme of the article and the target keyword

Have you decided on a topic you want to write about? If so, you need to turn it into a keyword. This is because the theme of the article can be strengthened by using the main keyword several times in the title and body of the article.

Check keyword competition

Country Email List

In my case, I selected ‘Naver blog writing’ as the target keyword because. The subject of the article itself is a writing method that can be exposed on Naver.

When writing a title with a target keyword, it is advantageous to type it in the same way without transforming it or to place it at the front. Usually, it is recommended to use the main keyword 3 to 7 times. Keywords are used not only in the title and text, but also in attached images or videos.

<Check out the competition for ‘Vintage Interior Furniture’>
If you are just starting out as a blogger, the impact of your blog. Or EC Lists content is likely to be weak. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the competitiveness of keywords. And select appropriate target keywords. Here’s how to do it in detail.

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