Limit in communication with the target

Do you want this effect? Try to carefully choose those with whom you will consult in order to avoid illusions and distortions in reactions – your real target audience may treat your choice differently. Mistake 7. Imitate famous and big brands “I don’t ne a customer-friendly name, this is my business! I’ll name my accounting company “Pineapple”! And what? Steve jobs can do it, but can’t I? Of course you can, if you start a business in the 70s, in america, you make a risky decision to distinguish your company name from the boring it names of competitors.

There are many legends around this name

Dut most of them are fakes invent by brand fans. You can name the company anything if you have a lot of time and money to accustom your audience to the name, as mention above. We create a link “Name – product”. International brands buy our attention and create this bond through advertising, pr tools and other promotional methods, investing huge Ivory Coast Phone Number List sums in this. This is not available to small businesses, so you should be immiately clear to your audience . By the way, this does not mean at all that the name of the company will be banal. Mistake 8. Use stereotypes and templates in naming speaking of banality.

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Avoiding it is easy enough if you don’t use

Hackney tricks, including generalization and globalization : “World of belts” (say it out loud a few times, brr), “Pantyhose planet”, “Galaxy of something else.” you just imagine that you live in a world where there are only belts, tights, nails, light bulbs, you will feel uncomfortable. For inanimate objects, this is a bad technique, but very common, unfortunately. And still there are names like “Zapsibkombank” and “Rosgosstrakh”. Let’s take a whole phrase, ruce to three letters each word in it, and we get A ticket to the soviet past. It is very difficult to stand out if you EC Lists already own the tenth promtorg in the city. These names are difficult for consumers to remember, they are very  audience and are usually not at all aesthetic. For some areas, this, of course, is not necessary.

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