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Checking the quality of the layout. We ne vector format. If ready-made images and fonts are us, we carefully study the license (the rights to use ready-made images and fonts), if necessary, buy a license.Maybe there are musicians among you? Or maybe youarticles we read. Digest for october november 3, 2016 business , interesting starting this month, we will delight you with even more usefulness. If you follow us on social networks vkontakte and facebook , then you know that every week we post a list of articles that we read. Yes, we also fe on content from colleagues. And we decid to share it with you.

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Material for entrepreneurs, freelancers and all our readers with a small description so that you can easily navigate this content and choose the most important for yourself and your business. Today is the october issue. Why does a sales text sell? Because it Lebanon Phone Number List catches, presses the right buttons for the target audience. Buttons are different: emotions, nes, problems. Denis kaplunov ‘s blog publish an article stating that a selling text can affect elementary human instincts. How he does it? Read in the material “Basic instincts of a selling text” . Are you still procrastinating? Do you know why? Because we do a lot in our life automatically, even choosing our favorite job and doing business.

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Nikolai dodonov wrote an article for megaplan

About why we live on the machine and what can be done about it. “stop the record” is material that opens zen at the finish. Working on the run? Especially for you, texterra has releas a review “60 free mobile applications: a must have for online marketers” . There are tools for smmms, bloggers, and office workers. And just useful chips on a smartphone. Has it ever happen to you that one day content marketing suddenly stops working? About the EC Lists reasons and why you should not panic in the article “why content marketing doesn’t work: 7 common mistakes” by cossa.

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