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Post information in communities in social networks (about 30 posts); made advertising of their publications in social networks; and something else – everything, alas, I can’t remember already! And here is the result: 390 reposts of the boomstarter link on facebook, 70 on vkontakte; 10 sponsors (including two friends). And 9850 rubles – the amount contribut by the sponsors. Of the requir 770,000 rubles. Here are the attendance statistics on boomstarter (which is strange, considering 460 reposts): statistika-prosmotrov-na-boomstarte attendance statistics for the play plan project on boomstarter do you think this is a complete failure? No! We paid the rest of the amount by virtual payment – all rewards were deliver on time to each of the sponsors.

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Not be as fast and voluminous as we would like, but what can we do! So let’s do it ourselves. from all this event, of course, a lot of invaluable experience turn out. It is rather applicable to me personally, but I will still say about it – suddenly it will come in handy for someone? We would have made more money just by selling kits (many times more), without any Philippines Phone Number List crowdfunding. This is clearly not a “Magic wand”. I hon my skills (and somewhere I learn  from scratch) to make presentations and commercial offers, look for partners, communicate with people, learn a little  video shooting, interact with mia people, bloggers, big cool companies and their pr people.

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Bunch of people. Our product pass the “Lice test”. We fine-tun the composition of the kits, enter into a lot of useful partnerships, and adjust the logistics a bit. My partner and I understood our goals more clearly (and we have different ones) and increas the mutual benefit of our partnership. we made a further marketing plan and development plan. And many more things that are so easy to describe in words. Zhenya, what good fellows you EC Lists are! Already have the first reviews, what do little customers and their mothers say? The problem is with reviews. They are all positive. Not a single piece of advice.

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