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Corporate account.Usually, we use third-party product selection software,  Trends, and product selection evaluation indicators to judge whether this product has certain potential. If you are a domestic buyer, Taobao Tmall is the place to go, not AliExpress. But if you are a serious Dropshipping seller, it is another matter. Although no specific data statistics have been done, it can be estimat from the feback of some AliExpress sellers and member users that Dropshipping accounts for a very high proportion of AliExpress orders, and it is estimat that it accounts for about 10-20%. look. In fact, this data can also be roughly estimat from the open data of Shopify’s oberlo plug-in for dropshipping business.

In fact, AliExpress and Shopify have a

Rather “ambiguous” relationship. They know each other well, but they are somewhat hidden. The contribution of AliExpress to Shopify is very important. It is no exaggeration to say that AliExpress is the driving force behind Shopify becoming the list company with the highest market value in Canada. To be more specific, China’s cheap goods and low-cost logistics are what Shopify VP Audit Email List has achiev today. One of the key factors of achievement. Similarly, Shopify’s Dropshipping business model has also brought considerable independent station orders to AliExpress. In fact, the business strategies of many overseas dropshipping business platforms deliberately exclude Chinese sellers. Most of these platforms do not regard Chinese sellers as their main customers.

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Drop shipping orders are still in the hands of overseas sellers. Overseas sellers have many advantages in terms of independent websites, which are beyond the reach of Chinese sellers. Especially for the drainage ability that is crucial to independent websites, you must know that there are a large number of cross-border e-commerce sellers who only live on Amazon and other e-commerce EC Lists platforms in China, and even cannot access Google, YouTube, and Facebook, directly ignoring independent websites.

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