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Amount of money, and be legal and compliant, and quickly and conveniently solve cross-border collection and payment. To talk about the solution, we have to focus on the most Because this kind of thing happen a lot, the user sent his grievances to PayPal. The reason is very simple. PayPal charg the user a $35 withdrawal fee, but the money could not reach his account smoothly. It’s like taking money, but not getting things done. PayPal is also embarrassing, but this matter cannot be blam on PayPal. The decision on policy matters lies with the bank.

Because of the many complaints, PayPal had to

Introduce a policy. If you withdraw cash to a domestic bank for the first time, because you don’t understand the situation and the bank refuses to return it, then PayPal will refund the $35 withdrawal fee. You only get one chance. PayPal will suggest that you must consult the specific branch where the bank account is locat: 1. Can you receive public-to-private US dollar remittances? 2. If it can VP IT Email List be accept, what is the maximum limit? 3. Whether to submit any supporting documents, 4. Whether there is an intermiary bank fee, 5. Whether other customers have handl this kind of business.

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Basically determine whether your bank branch can complete the PayPal collection, and then you can complete the cash withdrawal, 35 US dollars per transaction. Another solution is Bank of America. Apply to Payoneer to issue a U.S. Feral Savings Bank account number and bind it to your PayPal withdrawal account. Note, sometimes, PayPal will prompt that it is not support, don’t worry, call PayPal to solve it, of course, when PayPal hears that you say it is a Payoneer account, it will clearly tell you that it is EC Lists not support. After all, there is a certain degree of competition between the two companies. In fact, PayPal does not appear to be able to verify the ownership of the account, insisting that it is its own.

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