2023 Trend Keywords: Domestic Keywords

In 2023, aren’t you curious about what the trend keyword of the year is ? Let’s find out about the “Trend Keywords of the Year
” in Korea and overseas through “Search Data” of Ascent Korea’s Hubble Cluster Finder, specializing in domestic SEO . The first part of this series is “ Domestic 2023 Trend Keywords ,” and we will look at what intents are different in this year’s trend keywords that appeared through search data compared to overseas. Through the Cluster Finder, we were able to confirm two major insights . If you directly search for 2023 trend keywords, you will find that people are looking for keywords introduced in Trend Korea 2023 books.

Highly related to Trend Korea 2023 (Marketing Book)

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How about comparing it with the trend keyword of the year overseas ?
Just search “2023 trend keywords” and you’ll easily find what you’re looking for for the latest updates on SEO and Search Engine Optimization.
Unlike this, in Korea, there was a tendency to recognize the 2023 trend keyword as a keyword introduced in the Trend Korea 2023 book. As soon as it is published every year, you can check the level of interest of domestic searchers in the Trend Korea book series.

In 2023, the word ‘average’ becomes meaningless and the middle disappears, revealing economic polarization, individualization of consumption, and increased diversity of values. Since the disappearance of the average leads to polarization in a market that requires irreplaceable excellence, differentiation, and diversity, goods and services that have taken an average position in the market now send a message to consider repositioning as an all-or-nothing choice. there is.

Office Big Bang

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These days, the MZ generation’s entry into society and the corona pandemic combine individualism and horizontal culture in the way of work, and the overall corporate culture for changes that are distinctly different from the existing work organization, from the work space to the change in work values. It is a keyword that deals with . It will be important to identify and respond to opportunities derived from these changes so that we can preoccupy the market.

‘Cherrysumer’ refers to strategic consumers who EC Lists have emerged to use limited resources efficiently due to the spread of single-person households and the global economic crisis. Save money by consuming together with the ‘piece strategy’ and ‘half strategy’, which buy only what you need. ‘Cherry pickers’ refer to consumers who only take advantage of benefits, and because of them, companies have reduced related benefits and created a negative image of cherry pickers. It is necessary to respond by capturing the limited area that cherrysumers can choose from, such as products with high cost-effectiveness or package products that fit these changes in consumer perception.

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