Zara Pre-Owned Inditex’s masterstroke

There are tactical movements and strategic movements. A very clear example of the first is . What we experienced last week with the Black Friday offers , and another magnificent example of the second is the movement that the Inditex group has made with pre-owned Zara. Of course there are great strategies, but in most cases Black Friday comes down to . Deciding the discount percentage, the budget of the campaigns and “shooting.” Neurons are not spent beyond that. It is a tactical way to achieve results with its associated problems already mentioned . But the case of the Inditex Group is very different. Let me explain to you. Growth in the sale of second-hand clothing What threats does Zara have in the fashion sector?

If we were Zara, how could we react to the threat of Vinted and Wallapop?

If a company sees its sales falter due to a competitor that sells cheaper, what do you think.  Would be the most common reaction? If it is in.  Your hands, due to budget and sales margins, the most common reactions could be: Increase advertising pressure . Zara does practically no industry email list traditional advertising. It works with influencers, but above all it relies on the quality of its service (garment renewal, logistics, sales processes, etc.) and its presence with the best locations in each city. Price . Management : another common reaction could be to lower prices, it is the lever that has the greatest traction in the market. We can start making greater discounts, promotions, etc. and direct these actions to all customer segmen effective.lvinar dapibus leo.

Inditex launches into the second-hand clothing market with Zara Pre-Owned

Instead of reacting with standard tactical actions, Inditex has made a master move by launching Zara Pre-. Owned (for now only in the . UK as a test market). Customers on this platform will be able to repair their clothes, resell them or donate them . I am not going to get into its specific operation, since it is not the subject of this blog, but I do want to analyze what this means for the EC Lists brand: 1. New market and defensive action against competition (Vinted) On the one hand, it enters a market that has been growing for years (perhaps they.  Entered a little late, but with its strength I think they are going to change the sector) and it deals a good blow to the competition (since it is one of the brands best sellers on Vinted). That is to say, on the one hand it generates greater income (from.  Commissions and clothing repair), and on the other hand it stops the competition.

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