Communications in your marketing

Therefore, if you are thinking of including SMS campaigns or communications in your marketing strategy, it is essential that you understand the concepts and use cases of both types. 1 Transactional SMS Transactional SMS are those communications that have the objective of making relevant information available to users about the product or service they have purchas, or what they receive as a result of an action they have carri out within a web page. The most common transactional messages are: authentication codes payment confirmation password recovery Account verification Order tracking access codes transactional SMS Users today carry out many transactions.

With the brands they consume or use in their day to day

On the other hand, despite the frequency of these transactions, many companies do not dicate enough time to creating transactional SMS campaigns and thus retain and build customer loyalty. Furthermore, many companies view this method of communication as an obligation rather than an opportunity. So they tend to give more prominence to promotional messages. The result? A more invasive and unbalanc communication. Therefore, it is important to Canada WhatsApp Number List apply these communications and adapt to the nes of the users who interact or carry out transactions on our website. 2 Promotional SMS Promotional SMS are those that have the objective of promoting products or services.

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They seek to facilitate the purchase through

Discounts or exclusive offers. The most common promotional messages are: discount codes Launch of new products limit offers abandon carts Promotional SMS Undoubtly, promotional messages are the most popular, given that, by doing it well and with a good strategy behind it, they give you the opportunity to increase your sales and retain your customers. Of course, it is important not to forget about the transactional ones, because, although a priori they do not have the same result, or that result is not so obvious and quantifiable, what you EC Lists achieve by balancing your communications is keeping your clients well inform and letting them know that we We adapt to what they ne at all times.

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