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For example, in the parks operat by the postal , there will also be rent ductions for promis shipments, or various tax ductions. But one thing nes to be clear, the wool comes from the identity of the sheep. The operation of the park requires a lot of capital investment. The initial government subsidies can only solve part of the problem. After several years of park operation, the cost pressure of park operation will become greater and greater. Affect by e-commerce operations and policies, many sellers They all chose to leave the park. There are advantages and disadvantages to entering the park.

If you like an independent business model

Focus on your own business, not affect by External factors, do not cater to inspections and visits by government leaders at all levels, do not worry about the size of the business, disdain formalism, and do not care about rent subsidies, three melons and two dates , Avoid entering the e-commerce industrial park. On the contrary, it may be easier to recruit employees in the park, the delivery VP Financial Email Lists spe may be faster, and the rent may be cheaper, but there will be more trivial matters, please weigh the pros and cons by yourself. Want to try cross-border entrepreneurship, do you want to learn some programming languages ​​by yourself.

C Level Executive List

Learning programming technology or not has little

Direct relationship with cross-border entrepreneurship. But even so, I still recommend that interest friends learn at . Of course, it is not expect that through a short period of programming technology learning, you will be able to reach a level that can independently develop software systems. Learning programming technology will help you build technological innovation thinking. Whether EC Lists it is life or work, when encountering some problems, I will habitually think about how to improve this work through technological innovation, and if I want to do it, how to write this program. For example, cross-border e-commerce product selection work.

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