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This situation of always being reject also embarrasses PayPal. In order to avoid more complaints and appease customers, PayPal officially launch a policy that if the user’s first wire transfer withdrawal is return by the domestic bank, PayPal will refund the $35 withdrawal fee. Payoneer Hong Kong bank account 0 cost to open Stripe independent station payment tool full record 54 In other words, if you want to use Stripe directly for cross-border collection, but you don’t support China, you can only register for Stripe by registering a US company or opening a Hong Kong bank account. The threshold is too high, then use PayPal. To use PayPal, you ne to pay higher handling fees, you ne to solve the domestic cash withdrawal problem, and solve the think about.

The independent website market is in full

Swing, and every collection company wants to get a piece of it. However, most of the mainstream platform collection and payment companies in the past are helpless because of the risks and compliance issues of independent websites. Even if one or two can provide independent station payment services, they are not fully open and set some entry barriers. In the end, it still Greece WhatsApp Number List depends on PayPal and Stripe to solve the independent station collection problem. The day before yesterday, a member user f me a message. Payoneer Hong Kong bank account 0 cost to open Stripe independent station payment tool full record 55 As the member user said, apply for a.

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Hong Kong Citibank account from worldfirst

Then buy a Hong Kong mobile phone card from Taobao, complete the opening of Stripe online without leaving the house, and successfully complete the Shopify collection.This information feback seems to let me see the dawn of Chinese mainland users opening Stripe accounts to collect payments on independent stations. Update March 15: According to feback from readers, the Citibank account issu by worldfirst is a master account, and the account holders of all users have the same name, and the user EC Lists can only receive one sub-account after applying. Users are only distinguish by account numbers, lacking account independence. Readers report that Stripe cannot be bound normally.

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