Factors that are highlight as significant when ranking

It is desirable that the description of the videos and the text of the subtitles do not match, this will diversify the queries by which your video will be search. How to add subtitles how to add subtitles to youtube video details are back in the help . Tags when choosing tags, you should use both specific queries on your subject, and, of course, more general ones. For selection, you can use youtube tips, as well as tags that your competitors’ videos were promot by. There are two ways to find competitor tags: manual. Enter a competitor’s video in the youtube search.

Then we open the page in html code and

Look at the search for the word keywords. However, we are looking not for the first keywords value on the page, but for the second one. For example, I took a video on learning programming, open it in html code and start searching for the word keywords. First value found: mming language),software (industry popular culture (mia genre),information (quotation subject),programming from scratch”. Auto. There are services that show youtube video Iceland Phone Number List tags. I will not advertise them, firstly, because there are a lot of them, and secondly, you can find the one that suits your taste – even a separate service, even a browser plugin. Drive in yandex / google, for example, such a request and voila! Audience engagement: target action by a channel user so, the user came to your channel and even watch the video.

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What to do next so as not to lose it in the future

Before ivan tsarevich / vasilisa the wise again three tasks: task number 1: the user views as many videos of the channel as possible, shares them (puts likes on social networks or places them on websites) and does other actions that increase the authority of the channel on youtube. Task number 2: the user subscribes to the channel. Task EC Lists number 3: the user goes to your website or landing page. Let’s start with the simplest task: keeping the user on the channel. What can be us for this? Featur content with it, you can create a teaser that will recommend users to watch, for example, a recently publish video or an interesting playlist in all your videos.

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