What are the working costs of a their psychological

What is the value of your work for clients? Clients receive a general significant improvement in state, liberation from “confusion”, acceptance of themselves as they are, liberation from various kinds of addictions, clarification of life goals and preferences, “fitting” the personality (without violating personal integrity) into life, a more positive outlook on the world around, the desire to help others (because he can already help himself). How did the first clients appear? At first they were friends and relatives, then they were clients from the psychological courses in which I assist. What is your primary therapy and why.

Psychological debriefing one-time conversations

With severely traumatiz clients regression and cognitive techniques (recognition, analysis and, if necessary, change of negative perception of past events), object-orient therapy. Do you have a lot of workload right now? On average, there are two clients per day, sometimes three or even four, but this is the limit. Better not more than three. A week – 7-10 sessions of approximately two Angola Email List hours, a month – 28-40, respectively. psychotherapist? Office rental, travel to the place of work, internet (for communication via skype). How long did it take you to become a sought-after specialist? Fifteen years. I had to get to everything myself – through mistakes, through the search for different approaches to different types of clients. But now all this can be done much faster.

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I personally train a novice psychologist

Individually for 1.5-2 years. We don’t have all the interviews on the site yet: a lot has been film in production. If you look on the internet, there are many interviews with big businessmen. And with those who have a very small business? There are almost no such interviews, but they are no less interesting! Very interesting, very lively, real! Yes, they are very cool people! They live their EC Lists business, put their soul into what they do, and the business, since it is quite small, is a reflection, a continuation of this person, respectively, it is individual. Let’s take two masters or coach-trainers who seem to be about the same thing, but still they get it differently.

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