What are the most popular travel destinations for Koreans these days?

The day has loosened up a lot ahead of the gyeongchip that the frog will wake up. Perhaps thanks to the clear weather, there are many people traveling around. In particular, I saw a lot of people who went on a trip to Japan on my Instagram feed. If there are that many people going to Japan, it wouldn’t be strange to accidentally run into a friend in the middle of the street while walking through the streets of Osaka. Isn’t traveling to Jagoro expecting the atmosphere and scenery different from Korea? Is it really so? I am trying to find out which travel destinations are most visited by people and whether they are really curious about ‘travel destinations without Koreans’.

Travel destinations without Koreans,

So I searched on Listening Mind. When I searched Azerbaijan Mailing Data for ‘travel destinations without Koreans’. There was no search volume, so similar keywords are recommended. A Japanese travel destination without Koreans. Among the travel destinations, demand for travel to Japan is high.

At the bottom, this trend is shown. Compared to three months ago, it rose by a whopping 145%. The day must have been relaxed, and I wonder if the demand for travel has increased due to the removal of masks in Korea in January (masks are still required for facilities vulnerable to corona infection, such as public transportation and hospitals). So, let’s check if Japan is the most popular travel destination this time?

Listening Mind ‘Travel’ Search Result

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I searched for the keyword ‘travel’ in Listening Mind. Demand for travel remained similar regardless of Corona. The red graph at the top of the figure showing the search volume for ‘travel’ did not drop or rise significantly. However, it seems clear that the most popular travel destinations are Guam, Sapporo, Bali, and Okinawa. Two out of four travel destinations are Japan. Is there really a lot of demand for travel to Japan?

Try using the topic sorting function provided by Listening EC Lists Mind. Click on the number of keywords in Topics on the left. People also find travel destinations through travel destination recommendations or course reviews. There are quite a few people who want to travel with a package, perhaps because of concerns about cost. As expected, I search a lot about Jeju Island, Japan, and the United States.

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