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However, in my opinion, the most important point is that dropshipping does not ne to prepare, pack, or deliver goods by itself. In fact, only when you have really  distribution tasks, and every time you see a pile of unsalable inventory in the corner of the warehouse, will you really understand why you should dropshipping. shortcoming Low profit – because the cost of purchasing the goods is higher than the wholesale price. Therefore, the profit is probably not high Because the demand for funds is small and the operation is easy. There are a lot of people who are involv in the competition.

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Same time – you may have multiple sources. This makes management complicat Returns are difficult to handle. The average return rate is about 6~8%. There are many reasons for returns. For example, the buyer is not satisfi with the product, the product is defective, the package is lost, etc. Generally, suppliers are willing to accept cross-border returns Peru WhatsApp Number List Very low. Therefore, the processing is more cumbersome. These are the general advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are not terrible, and the disadvantages can also become business opportunities to improve the product process. So, there is a market for products like the.

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DropshipMe plugin Later, I will talk about how

DropshipMe turns the shortcomings of Dropshipping into business opportunities. Is Dropshipping Worth It? Is there too much competition? It seems to be saturat. To be honest, the competition will only increase. But compar to opening a store on Amazon, you may not know that as many as 41% of sellers on Amazon worldwide are from China, and EC Lists Chinese sellers are the most enthusiastic about opening a store on Amazon. And even today in 2019, Dropshipping is still far less crowd than Amazon sellers. Of course, it is not as absurd as those Amazon sellers tearing their skins, such crazy malicious competition.

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